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About Me


Personal Info

Name: Sam Paulling
Location: Dallas, TX

About Myself

Hello and welcome to my site.

If you’re looking for the DIY site that I run, don’t worry. It’s still up and running. That page has moved to and this is now my personal landing page.

A quick rundown of me:

  • I grew up in Kansas City, then went to Clemson University and graduated in 2010 with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics
  • I got married to my wife Hannah in 2011
  • We moved to Dallas in 2012
  • I’ve worked as an engineering project manager, and in Civil Engineering/City Planning, Mechanical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering jobs since we’ve been here, and am currently the program manager in the MetroCell division at Commscope.




Clovis Research

Engineering Project Manager

8/13 - Present
  • Project Management – I lead a team of engineers in 4 different time zones and coordinate information and tasks between everyone. I keep track of shifting priorities and allocate time and resources based on the most important tasks. I also contact vendors for quotes and manage part ordering for our research team.
  • Timeline Management – I use Microsoft Project to define work schedules, tasks, and project development which the engineering teams use as a baseline for their day to day work. I make sure items are completed on time and use Sharepoint to keep a live dashboard of the progress.
  • Information Management – I facilitate information between the design, engineering, lab, shipping, and software teams so that I can answer questions and use the information from each group to present updates to the board every week. I also control the release of information to non-essential parties to prevent sensitive IP information from being dispersed.
  • Tech Support – I manage our Windows Server 2012 and control permissions, email, users, backups, and updates for all software. I have upgraded the network to include redundant internet sources and backup power systems. I have implemented a network of wireless security cameras for on premises monitoring. I also manage the Sharepoint and Exchange servers and have built a collection of internal websites for sharing and working on documents remotely and with live editing.

GSI Highway

Project Manager / Detailer

5/12 - 8/13
  • Project Management – Managed nearly 100 Sealed Expansion Joint projects, timelines, and 4 personnel
  • Cost Reduction – When I started, production of SEJ was 22 min/ft. When I left it was 11.5 min/ft and our output had nearly doubled. We had to open a second site for production because this product has become so profitable.
  • Cad Drafting – Design of nearly 160 steel highway rail, expansion joints, and BMCS projects using AutoCAD
  • Standard Engineering Practice and Knowledge – Analysis of bridge, overpass, and highway blueprint plans
  • Operations Management – I maintained continual contact with contractors to ensure optimal product and delivery. Initial production was 1500 ft/month and demand was 2500 ft/ month. To keep everyone happy and on schedule, I called all customers and worked out delivery plans to ensure enough material was on hand at each site to keep crews working without delay.

Mid South Engineering

Mechanical Engineer / Designer

12/10 - 2/12
  • Civil/Piping/Structural/Mechanical Design – Conveyors, Silos, Concrete Foundations, Material Processing
  • Cad Drafting – Produced design and working level drawings for site layouts and material processing flow.
  • Cost Analysis – Developed, budgeted, and implemented capital plans with senior engineers
  • On-Site Engineering – Coordinated with Project Engineers and Clients and traveled to sites to verify design accuracy and implementation


Clemson University

Bachelor Degree
2005 - 2010

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Minor in Mathematics

Senior Level Research on the NASA Tweel Project & the BMW X5 development

EIT License

Acquired 2011

Passed the EIT Exam the summer after I graduated in preparation for a Civil Engineering job.

EIT License #7981

Additional Awards and Education

Abney Foundation Scholorship

Palmetto Fellows Honors Grant

National S.M.A.R.T. Grant

Calhoun Honor College

4 independent study Udemy classes on web programming, javascript, windows server managment, and app development

My Skills

Personal Skills

  • Creativity
  • Team Oriented

  • Deligence

  • Reliability

  • Personal Integrity

  • Great Communicator

  • Positive Work Ethic

  • Rigor

  • Responsible

  • Funny











Professional Skills

  • Website Install & Domain Managment

  • AutoCAD, Matlab, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Solidworks
  • Java & HTML programming
  • Server Management, Backup, and Versioning
  • Google Analytics & SEO
  • Project Management
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering & Manufacturing Processes
  • Aero & Thermodynamics
  • Finite Element Analysis

Software Knowledge

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Project
Server Managment
Wordpress & Domain Managment
Operating Systems: Windows, OSX, Linux, Raspberry Pi

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