Restoring an Old Yamaha XZ550 Vision

So I had a 2008 hyosung gtr up at my in-laws place in storage, and I went back to get it a few weekends ago with a trailer. As we were getting ready to put it on the trailer, my father-in-law said “I’ve got this old bike out in the barn, you want it?” And I was like “YEAH!” So we got that one too and brought it home. Its an old 1982 yamaha xz550 vision. And its only got 8k miles on it. The only problem is it has been sitting for 10 years untouched. So I know there is going to be lots of work that needs to be done.



After inspecting the bike, I’ve realized that the main issue here is definitely in the carbs. I put everything back together on the bike (it had been previously disassembled by my father-in-law, and tried firing it up. After getting a new battery, I could get a lot of start-up noise, but no turn over. Then gas started pouring out of the vent holes in the carbs and I knew there was nothing getting through to the engine at all. So sometime soon I’m going to have to completely disassemble the carbs on this thing and clean them out.



The rest of the bike looks pretty good and very few things are worn out. I spent a few hours getting rust out of the gas tank, and I think I’ve got most of it, but I am still going to need an inline filter before¬†the carbs to remove any excess that gets through. I’m also not sure how I feel about the big front end plastic. I think it looks pretty cool without it on there, but a friend of mine thinks it just awesome. So I don’t know what we are gonna do with that just yet.


cycle2¬† This is a breakdown of a very similar carb. I couldn’t find the exact one online since this bike was only produced for 2 years and parts are very hard to come by for it. So I’m going to try to save as much as I can off the bike and just restore it and hope it runs for a while.

SamuelRestoring an Old Yamaha XZ550 Vision